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The Survival Of Businesses During These Times Requires Leaders To Focus On Revenue-Generating Activities...

...Discover 5 Principles That Empower You And Your Virtual Team To Be More Productive & Generate More Profits

These Strategies Will Alleviate The Stress Many Leaders Experience

When Managing Their Remote Team

"Pete and Dave have written an insightful book that covers all of the bases of managing and working on a remote team. They have been working remotely themselves since the mid 90’s and have pioneered the remote teams movement, helping many businesses make the transition. During times of change and the business world making a rapid virtual shift, I can’t think of a more relevant book. "

~ Bryan V., VSM Digital Media Inc.

"What Success Looks Like..."

You CAN be successful by creating both family and team harmony, and a sense of peace for yourself. We promise that if you implement these strategies and concepts, you will reduce your stress AND work more productively, which benefits you, your team, and your company (and your family, too!).

As a result of you completing the Self-Guided Workbook, you and your team will:

  • Get things in place to work effectively in your new remote reality...

  • Build habits to work more productively

  • Adapt your processes to work in this virtual world

  • ​Put practices in place to keep you sane, and

  • ​Know where to invest now to be ready for a strong future

About the Authors

    Pete Winiarski


    Pete is Founder and CEO of Win Enterprises, LLC. With over three decades of experience in line leadership, continuous improvement, and consulting roles, Pete understands the hidden dynamics necessary to create high performing organizations.Pete is a change agent, thought-leader on personal and professional achievement, and seasoned advisor to senior clients on personal transformational improvement. He helps business leaders through their personal transformation as they lead their teams differently, helps teams develop a greater understanding of each other as he elevates their effectiveness, and helps put meaningful processes in place for business transformation to enable stellar operational and financial results.

    David Tweedt


    David is President and CFO of Win Enterprises, LLC. He is passionate about team collaboration and teaches mutual respect. David is a thought-leader, having developed multiple approaches to tailor Lean principles to various unique company situations and to enable these businesses to thrive. He recognizes the importance of creating a highly engaged team as a core element of successful change initiatives. He is passionate about team collaboration and teaches mutual respect.  

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