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Congratulations On Getting "Virtual Teams That Thrive!"

Let us walk you through, step-by-step,

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"Transitioning Your Team Into A New 'Virtual' Workspace Can Actually Increase Revenue!"...

...And, Productivity & "The Bottom Line" Don't Have To Suffer While Making This Transition...

"In This Free Training, We Reveal 3 Secrets To Empower Your Team To Be More Efficient In Their New 'Remote' Environment..."

...Ultimately Increasing Profits During This Economic Shift And Beyond!

(And Much More...)

Secret 1

At Home Workspace Makes A Huge Impact

Working from home provides a LOT of distractions. Things like your spouse, kids, and even your phone!

Not only will we show you how to overcome the distractions, but how to actually become MORE efficient than you could ever manage when going to a building every day

Secret 2

How To Adapt & Change Your Methods

This is the perfect opportunity to change & adapt your business processes to better suit your team...

We explain in detail the number 1 reason certain members of your team may have had difficulty with the way things were run; as well as how to adapt those processes in a way to maximize everyone's efforts during this shift.

Secret 3

How To Gain Peace-of-Mind Mastery

Along with the distractions from home, there's added stresses most people are not used to...

We reveal and demonstrate Proven Strategies to not only reduce your own stress, but even how to reduce the stress of everyone in the home (working remotely DOES effect others living there)

Meet Your Training Hosts:

About the Authors

    Pete Winiarski


    Pete is Founder and CEO of Win Enterprises, LLC. With over three decades of experience in line leadership, continuous improvement, and consulting roles, Pete understands the hidden dynamics necessary to create high performing organizations.Pete is a change agent, thought-leader on personal and professional achievement, and seasoned advisor to senior clients on personal transformational improvement. He helps business leaders through their personal transformation as they lead their teams differently, helps teams develop a greater understanding of each other as he elevates their effectiveness, and helps put meaningful processes in place for business transformation to enable stellar operational and financial results.

    David Tweedt


    David is President and CFO of Win Enterprises, LLC. He is passionate about team collaboration and teaches mutual respect. David is a thought-leader, having developed multiple approaches to tailor Lean principles to various unique company situations and to enable these businesses to thrive. He recognizes the importance of creating a highly engaged team as a core element of successful change initiatives. He is passionate about team collaboration and teaches mutual respect.  

Together They Lead The Win Consulting Team...


Win Enterprises was founded on a core belief:

"Complete Business Transformation Requires a Holistic Approach..."

Pete & David have worked for some of the largest companies & consulting groups in the world. Over time they saw how even the best strategies fail when their client's goal was simply to patch something up for the short-term.

Instead, it was the strategies that were honed with the pure intent of Transforming & Adapting For The Future that brought change to teams of every size & at every level. 

With experience that crosses industries, decades & continents, the entire Win Enterprises team hasn't just studied the market, they've helped to shape it.


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